Covid Safety Family Kit


Covid Safety Family Kit

Covid Safety Family Kits by BodyCafé is exactly what you need during these trying times.

This kit consists of:
N95 mask with 5 layer protection (1 nos)
3 ply 3 layer disposable surgical masks (5 nos)
60 ml hand sanitizer spray absorbent model with 80% alcohol (1 nos)

How are these kits helpful?

  • Masks prevent the spread of infection and prevent the individual from contracting any airborne infectious germs or inhaling in harmful air.
  • The hand sanitizer made with the goodness of Basil, Oregano and Aloe Vera, is suitable for kids under parental supervision, expecting mothers and geriatric population.
  • What makes these kits even more special is that the packing and distribution has been done by the youth who unfortunately had to lose their jobs because of the current global pandemic.

Every time you choose to buy this kit, you not only keep yourself and your family safe, but you also touch many lives.

Weight350 g


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