Hazelnut Lip Balm

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Quantity: 10 gms

What goes into making me

Shea butter, Mango butter, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Desi Ghee/Clarified butter and Hazelnut EO

What I stay away from

Parabens, Artificial or synthetic fragrances, Artificial colours, Mineral oils, Paraffins, harmful additives and animal testing

My benefits

Benefits: * Keeps lips soft, smooth, supple and hydrated at all times * Reveals the glowing, healthy-looking skin underneath * Emollients rich in anti-bacterial properties are great for dry lips

How to use me

Use your index finger, applying to the center of the bottom lip first, working your way toward the corners. Use a small amount and apply evenly to the lips, adding more balm as necessary.

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Hazelnut Lip Balm


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