Why is Organic living the need of the hour?

BODYCafé is a range of beauty, lifestyle and wellness products brought forward with the promises of being organic, handcrafted and cruelty-free.
What should we understand when we come across the term “Organic” Skincare Products?
Well, it essentially means that the ingredients used for preparing the skincare products are derived from plant sources that are farmed using organic farming methods and are free from use of pesticides, petroleum-based fertilisers or bioengineered genes. Additionally, they are free from parabens, artificial or synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, mineral oils and paraffins and harmful additives. The ingredients used in organic products have certifications of purity and authenticity from relevant boards, for instance, USDA Organics or India Organics to name a few.
It has been observed that more and more people are leaning towards organic products and it goes without saying that they come with several advantages by dint of being :
  • made from naturally obtained herbs and plants; these herbal remedies are free from harsh chemicals; hence the chances of skin irritation can almost be ruled out.
  • prepared using the tried and tested hand-me-down household methods practised and perfected over the years.
  • enhanced with pure, natural fragrance of aromatic extracts.
  • almost always easily biodegradable and hence environment-friendly.


We so undermine the importance of a regular skincare regime.
Most of us are are always on the go; juggling our studies/career and household responsibilities, such that skincare and hair-care and basic grooming are usually pushed to the bottom of our concerns.
Considering the stress and the pollution that we face every moment, it is imperative to incorporate skin and hair care regimes into our day to day life.
Some of us are blessed with good genes and good skin, but that does not undermine the requirement of regular skincare.
BODYCafé offers an easy-to-use range and regime that can effortlessly be incorporated into one’s daily routine.
The wide range of artisan soaps, face scrubs, face wash, face serum, lip balms, body wash, body butters, hair oils that come with the seasonal flavours and aromatherapy are handcrafted and bespoke to suit individual skin types.
The products are categorised under Grooming, Wellness, Babycare, Homecare and Petcare; and are further classified under Lifestyle range for everyday use, and Spa & Luxury range to help you treat yourself to a revitalising spa experience. There is also the option of choosing bespoke hampers for gifting purposes and travelling kits so that nothing comes between you and a healthy lifestyle.


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